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Our story begins in the year 2002. We started a small smart- headshop near the centre of Maastricht. True the years we have become the biggest and one of the most famous shops in Europe. In all these years we had the opportunity to expand our interest and passion about everything we sell. So now we have all the knowledge we need and still we try to develop every day.

For us, it is not simply about smoking, growing or enjoying energizers and psychedelics. Our vision is to create a world without judgment and taboos, where everyone is free to be themselves, to express and live their passions. A world where education and exploration of nature’s gifts is embraced with love and peace. Our goal is to highly inform our customers.

To share our fantastic large selection of products and knowledge all over the world, we decided to start an online shop, as we proudly present www.Focus-Planet .com. Online since 5 September 2014.

Here is a small indication of what you can find on; in our headshop you will find all kinds of pipes, smoking supplies, grinders, scales, books gadgets gifts and for instance the popular electronic smoking. The smartshop contains all kinds of psychedelic products like kratom, ayahuasca, savia mushroom kits, truffles, lsa seeds mescaline cactus but also energizers and aphrodisiacs. In the bongshop you fill find the most famous and fantastic brands like Bent, Black Leaf, Pure, Blaze, Boost or Grace bongs. But also cheap bongs, oil bongs, acrylic or bong parts. even has a category Vaporshop which contains table top, portable and electric Vaporizers of the most high quality brands. The seedsshop shows you worldwides best seeds, like Sumo seeds, Dutch Passion, Greenhouse, Sensi, Nirvana and many many more. The CBD shop provides everything which contains for the healthy lifestyle and even its healing power. The greenshop shows you everything you need for cultivating your green whether you need climate control, lighting, nutrition, grow rooms. Then there is left the Eroshop where you will find all kinds of toys, games, condoms, accessories and many more! We have over 3200 products.

To support our vision, we continuously explore the latest quality products for the best prices on the market for you. That is what we have been doing for more than 10 years. 

To ensure you get the best quality for your money, our experts and test teams have put a lot of time and effort in research and product tests. We believe that knowledge is power!

Shopping online is easy @ thanks to our money-back-guarantee, passionate expertise and educational content on high-quality products. Rely on our quick and friendly support and use discreet shipping, or one of our Europe-wide local pick-up locations to get your delivery in full privacy.

Our goal is to never stop improving our service to you. We have live chat service, and our team will answer all your questions by email. So please don’t hesitate to share your feedback with us! If you have a problem or something went wrong, also contact us immediately!

Have Fun at

And if you happen to be in or around Maastricht, feel free to stop at our shop!

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