Table Top Vaporizers

Table Top Vaporizers

Table Top Vaporizers

If at any time you want to share the goodness of a high from a vaporizer with your friends, we have just the right selection of table top vaporizers for you. From spheres and tubes to electronic vaporizers, you can experience the best high from the top table vaporizer brands such as Volcano, Arizer and many more. We always offer superior products with the smallest additional taste so you can get the best possible hit out of your toke. And since sharing is caring: forget about waiting and give yourself and your friends the gift of a brand new weed vaporizer! The most popular table top vaporizer is the Volcano vaporizer from Storz & Bickel. This solid vaporizer is market leader for years and makes his reputation for one of the best vaporizers on the market. A tabletop vaporizer is a nice device to share at home with your friends in a social smoke session.  Keep in mind that a table top vaporizer needs to be plugged into to electricity socket. If you need a vaporizer which you can use on the go, please check out our portable vaporizers. 
There are big differences in how to use a table top vaporizer. The volcano vaporizer blows the vape in a balloon while for example the arizer extreme uses a tubing hose to smoke your favorite vape. The herborizer and verdamper uses the principle of a bong. 
It all depends on the user which is his or hers favorite method to vape. If you need help in deciding which vaporizer covers your needs, check out our top 10 list of best solled vaporizers or contact us trough chat or mail. 

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Arizer V-Tower vaporizer

DescriptionArizer, a family run Canadian company has created a well-respected name for itself in the..

Ex Tax: 107.40€

Volcano EASY VALVE manual

DescriptionIf you’re looking for a reliable, easy to use vaporizer that can handle both at-home and ..

Ex Tax: 328.93€
Arizer Extreme Q Out Of Stock

Arizer Extreme Q

DescriptionThis updated version has the typical body of a stationary whip style vape, but it looks e..

Ex Tax: 140.45€

PLENTY Vaporizer

DescriptionWhen you are looking for home appliances to meet your home’s vaporizing needs then look n..

Ex Tax: 204.96€

Volcano EASY VALVE Digital

DescriptionOne thing that the Volcano EASY VALVE Digital Vaporizer has in common with a real volcano..

Ex Tax: 411.16€